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A dictionary definition of a catalyst is ‘a person who causes or promotes change by their presence in a situation or their input into it’.  It involves getting things started, initiating, pioneering, starting a chain reaction.

Recognizing that the Kingdom of God encompasses all of life, we seek to empower Kingdom engagement in every sphere of society (e.g. family, education, the arts, health, business, etc) in spiritual and practical ways which reflect God’s will and intent (Matthew 6:10).  This includes coaching, debriefing, and producing empowering training resources.

We seek to catch God’s vision and pass on the flaming torch.

We seek to clean other people’s ‘windows’ so that they can see what they couldn’t see before.

Our Mission

  • Setting people free and empowering them to advance the Kingdom of God (Great Commission)
  • Reaching out to the hurting, emotionally deprived, and disadvantaged with the love of God (Great Commandment) – turning Disadvantage to Advantage (D2A)

Catalysts for World Mission…Kingdom Mission…God’s Mission!


Stuart and Michelle served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in China, Thailand, Canada, the USA, and their native England for 23 years.  They are based in West Wales, UK.  In 2003, they co-founded Catalyst Ministries.  They have three grown-up children and two grand-daughters.

Stuart is a fifth-generation believer and has been teaching the Word of God for over 30 years.   Since quitting his career as a corporate administrator with a top 100 UK plc, Stuart has been involved in full-time, cross-cultural ministry in 5 countries and 3 continents.

As well as being an apostolic teacher, he seeks to act as an empowering catalyst to believers and churches for effective Kingdom and world mission engagement.  He is the author of several books including Empowered! Discovering Your Place in God’s Story, and Kingdom Mission: A Call to Disciple Nations (co-authored) and was the lead actor in the award-winning docudrama, Breakthrough: The Story of James O. Fraser and the Lisu People.

He is also a trained life coach, a natural ability consultant, and ordained through Church for the Nations, Phoenix. Stuart has a bachelor’s degree in business and a doctorate degree in Christian Ministry, with a specialisation in Cross-cultural and Kingdom Mission.


Michelle was radically saved and delivered from the trauma of a broken home, alcohol, smoking, and heartbreak in 1987 under the powerful ministry of evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke.

Communicating through writing, art, speaking and song, and as a worshipper & psalmist, she loves to exhort others in faith and in the heart of God.  She has a passion for cross-cultural ministry, and to help believers live God’s plan for life and health.  Her book series,Take Courage: Finding Courage in God for Life will be available soon.

Michelle is trained in Animal-Assisted Therapy, has a TESOL certification, and is ordained through Church for the Nations, Phoenix.  Michelle received her doctorate degree in Christian Ministry, with a specialisation in Cross-cultural Mission and Natural Health & Nutrition, from Phoenix University of Theology.


Stuart & Michelle enjoy hiking, especially with their rough collie dog, Ruby, have begun organic gardening, and love nature, music, travelling, & learning more about healthy living, as well as watching British detective series and spending time with their children and grand-daughters.

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What About Christianity in the West? (Part 4)

In response to the assertion those of us in ‘Western’ nations are led to believe, namely that ‘Christianity’ is fading away and being overtaken by secularisation, my past three posts have sought to highlight what is really going on in the world.  They have demonstrated that God’s Kingdom is clearly expanding around the globe – …

And Some More Good News (Part 3 – Latin America)!

In considering whether the kingdom of God is advancing around the world or is in retreat, we now turn to Latin America (Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean).  Are you ready for some more good news? Kingdom Expansion in Latin America …



Empowered! Discovering Your Place in God’s Story (New Edition)

by Stuart Simpson

Surveys indicate that Christians feel disempowered. Wrong (dualistic) thinking, which separates the whole of life into ‘spiritual’ and ‘secular’, and creates a division within the Church between those in ‘full-time’ ministry and those who are not, has robbed many believers of the joy of knowing their life can make a difference.

This book will:

  • challenge how you view the Great Commission and missions
  • sweep away old, disempowering mindsets that cause you to feel like a second-class citizen in the kingdom of God
  • show that YOU have a special God-given role and place in the fulfillment of God’s story
  • help you practically discover your life passion and calling, and who God has made you to be
  • help you engage and live out your life-story within God’s story and mission.

“The men of Issachar were the military scouts of Israel, who knew what God was doing through His people, but also understood what the enemy was up to and were able to report to God’s people God’s strategy for that season.  Stuart Simpson, a friend and co-worker in Christ’s kingdom, is such a man today.  Empowered!  It’s a “must read book” for all who want to see Christ’s Great Commission finished in this generation.” – Loren Cunningham, co-founder, Youth With A Mission

“I love this book!  The truths in this book will change the world!” – Larry Kreider, DOVE International Director and author of over 30 books

“A sweeping, cobweb-clearing vision of the ongoing movement of God. Christians in what is wrongly called “secular work,” local church leaders, and mission boards need to let the message of this book disrupt traditional categories and point the way down a path so old it seems new.” – Larry Peabody, author of Serving Christ in the Workplace and
Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work

Purchase Paperback or Kindle on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1793076863


by Stuart Simpson

This insightful new book revisits ministry among Native Americans and highlights 5 keys that not only address the errors of the past, but as Native Americans rise up to fulfil their God-given destiny, will also facilitate more effective partnering with the non-native Church in order that God’s Kingdom purposes might be realized.

“It’s time for America’s ancient wounds to be healed!  This book is a powerful, insightful and challenging call for the church to understand the plight and pain of our beautiful Native American brothers and sisters and take responsibility for being a part of their healing.  So much of our country’s historical mistreatment of First Nation people was simply swept under the carpet in our national consciousness.  God wants to do something new and better in regards to the American church’s relationship and ministry to Native Americans.  I highly recommend Stuart Simpson’s new book, ‘Revisiting Native American Ministry’! – Dr Michael Maiden, senior pastor, Church for the Nations, Phoenix, Arizona

“I recently met Stuart Simpson at a gathering of Native leaders. Immediately I sensed in my spirit that there was something different about this man. There was a weightiness about him.  Stuart has quickly assessed and brought to our attention the pain and the plan, the hurt and the healing. The pain of Native America’s brokenness and loss, and a plan for restoration and wholeness.  Like a skilled physician, he has quickly diagnosed the ills in Native land. And like that physician he has also given us a remedy.”Dobie Weasel, founder & president, Life Tribe Ministries

Purchase Paperback or Kindle on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rriWyv

the-second-act-front-coverTHE SECOND ACT – The Remarkable Story of Missionary James O. Fraser’s ‘Successor’ & Key Lessons for Mission Work Today

by Stuart Simpson

This is the story about Stuart’s close association with one of the most successful missionaries in the modern era, along with 20 key principles and lessons we can learn from Fraser’s life and ministry, still applicable today.

“Lessons that we can learn from Fraser’s life have been helpfully analysed by Stuart. As someone living and working in the Far East in Chinese communities across a number of countries, including China, I never fail when teaching on mission to show the ‘Breakthrough’ DVD, and now can add to that lessons that Stuart has outlined. I trust this book and the DVD will give more prominence to J.O. Fraser, not for his sake, but to encourage a new generation – particularly in the ever-expanding Chinese church – to rise up and embrace the task of cross-cultural mission in these days.” – Ross Paterson, founder and former International Director: Antioch Missions-Chinese Church Support Ministries & China Director: Derek Prince Ministries

“I pray that the Lord will use this well researched contribution to the missionary cause to bless and guide many, and that much fruit will come of it.  The lessons that can be learned from my father’s life and ministry will be very useful for effective mission today!” – Eileen Fraser Crossman, author of Mountain Rain: A Biography of James Fraser, Pioneer Missionary to China

“Stuart Simpson has provided a thought-provoking summary of the life of J.O. Fraser and how it intersects with the life and ministry of his own family.  This is more than a biography and includes remarkable reflections on lessons to be learned and applied from Fraser’s experiences. A different take on this noteworthy pioneer!” – Meg Crossman, Director Emeritus, PathWays Partnership

“I am excited to commend Stuart Simpson’s new book which not only tells the story about his own association with Fraser and the Baoshan region, but also highlights invaluable lessons for apostolic mission today drawn from Fraser’s life and ministry.  In my opinion, nobody could do that better.  Stuart takes us deep into the heart, values and vision of Fraser. ” – Johnny Buckner
Founder & former International Director of YWAM’s Centre for Oriental Ministries; Senior Pastor New Horizons Christian Fellowship, Starkville, MS;

International Director, New Enterprises International

Purchase paperback on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2oNojoi

KINGDOM MISSION: A Call to Disciple Nations (Concise Edition)

by Peter J. Farmer & Stuart Simpson

REDISCOVER THE 3D SCOPE OF KING JESUS’ KINGDOM COMMISSION. While much has been written about the task of invading the kingdom of darkness to rescue those under Satan’s control and influence (what the authors refer to as Pioneer Mission), the task of occupation and establishing God’s Kingdom in the Earth has been largely overlooked. Focusing on the 7 Elements of any kingdom, the reader is taken through the reality of Jesus being King and his Kingdom coming to Earth today; what it means to live out the King’s Constitution; the Places, Peoples, and Spheres which belong to the Domain of God’s Kingdom; the lost vision of the Church as the King’s governing ekklesia; the necessity for a return to a Kingdom economic system which will release apostolic workers and facilitate new innovations for societal transformation; how the Kingdom expands through new colonies and outposts, and restoring broken cities; what it means to live out Kingdom Citizenship.

“Careful, High Voltage!  This is a token of a new breed of books, written by a new breed of people.  Read, buy another 10, and sow it into Kingdom seekers everywhere.” – Wolfgang Simson, author of The Constitution of the Kingdom, and The Re-Invention of the World

“The authors seek to ignite genuinely apostolic movement…bring it on!” – Alan Hirsch, founder of Forge Missional Training Network and director of Future Travelers; author of numerous award winning books on missional Christianity including The Forgotten Ways and The Permanent Revolution

“This paradigm changing book needs to be read by all, especially those who are engaged or interested in advancing the Kingdom.” – Dr Victor Choudhrie, apostolic church planter and author of Greet the Church in Your House

“I welcome this well-documented, thought-provoking, vision-building, people-empowering, and action-inspiring contribution to the re-shaping of the church in the 21st century such that it can have a similar transformative impact on society now as it had in the first century.” – John Coles, National Director, New Wine, UK (2001-2014)

Purchase Paperback or Kindle on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2EB5ASt

TAKE COURAGE: Finding Courage in God for Life (a series of 4 books coming soon!)

by Michelle J. Simpson

Full of stories and anecdotes, along with biblical truth, this book will be a great source of help and encouragement to many.

SURVIVING Trauma, Crisis & Grief: Practical & Spiritual Steps to Survive, Heal & Help Others (coming soon!)

by Michelle J. Simpson

Sharing from her own traumatic journey and experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Michelle shares what she has learned to survive, both practical and spiritual steps to not only stay still, but move forward to a better place.

Kingdom Mission: Vol. 1 Recovering the Vision

by Peter J. Farmer & Stuart Simpson

Kingdom Mission: Vol. 2 Outworking the Call

by Peter J. Farmer & Stuart Simpson

Finding God in Chinese Characters (25 card set)

by Stuart Simpson

A unique pack of 25 Chinese characters with bi-lingual explanatory guide.

A great tool for anyone with Chinese friends and in ministry to Chinese!


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