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Kingdom Mission Promo

Introduction to Kingdom Mission & Foundations

Stuart & Michelle  introduce the rediscovery of the 3 dimensions of the Great Commission, including Kingdom Mission, as well as the need to revisit critical foundational issues including church as we know it, a controlling/empire spirit, and how the gospel is spread around the world

Revisiting Foundations 1

Part 1 exploring the need for the church to revisit its foundations including how it is structured, operates, and spreads the gospel.

Revisiting Foundations 2

This podcast continues to look at the need to revisit foundations, specifically in relation to how church traditions disempower and prevent God’s people from walking in true freedom and functioning in the way God intended.

Revisiting Foundations 3

A corrupted gospel and a spirit of control have been spread not only among indigenous peoples around the world but also in Western churches today.

Revisiting Foundations 4

A more detailed look at how certain church practices and liturgies have been adopted over time and can hinder the effective functioning of every believer.

Catalyst Ministries Promo: the Past 20 Years & Next Steps (2015)

Breakthrough DVD Trailer (Gold Remi-award winning docudrama with Stuart as Lead Actor)

In 1908 a young English college graduate gave up a potential career and fame to serve as a missionary in the remote regions of China. But after six years, there was little response and the mission needed him elsewhere. What would James O. Fraser do? Breakthrough is a deeply inspiring half-hour docudrama which tells the story of how thousands of Lisu people came to faith in Christ. Breakthrough inspires many people — whether viewed at home, with a college group, small group or church class, during a missions course or any prayer gathering.

Breakthrough Interview