Welcome to our new website!

Yes, we’ve taken the plunge and although not finished yet, we’re launching our new ministry website which we plan to be more active with regular blogs, rather than being one which remains static for long periods.

Some of the info on the previous site we won’t be including in this one.  For example, we won’t be promoting other people’s resources apart from maybe mentioning some in blog posts.  Neither will this new site include the ‘missionary catalysts’ and ‘nation disciplers’ we had before.  However, once again we may highlight some of these in future blog posts.

Overall, we hope this new revised and updated site will be simpler while remaining both informative and inspiring.  Oh yes, one last thing, in the About page you will see links to Michelle’s and my individual websites.  These are not up-and-running yet, or will need to be revised (in my case), but hopefully will be sorted soon.  Thanks for staying connected with us and Catalyst Ministries!